Follett (2015 - current)

  • Acted as development manager for 3-4 concurrent projects and 15-20 team members.
  • Conducted large performance improvement efforts for customer-facing applications.
  • Managed implementation of team-wide ADA practices (socializing ideas, scheduling learning events, and introducing dev and testing process).
  • Coordinated migration of legacy build systems into modern continuous delivery platform.
  • Authored career path “guide” for engineers wishing to advance.
  • Supported department-wide code migration from SVN to Git.

Zebra (2011 - 2015)

  • Worked on company’s first websocket-based device management system.
  • Wrote and deployed printer checkout system for technical support.
  • Provided a company presence in StackOverflow.
  • Led technical trainings for company’s propiertary languages in English and Spanish.